Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL
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Aircraft registers of Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Surinam and Dutch New Guinea 


The Aviation History Branch
The Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL (Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association) grew up over 50 years ago and aims to unite those interested in the history of aviation. Members receive our quarterly magazine LUCHTVAARTKENNIS, which contains articles on a diversity of subjects, mainly concentrating on aviation history of the Netherlands and its former colonies. All articles are in Dutch and based on research by members of the Aviation History Branch. This way LUCHTVAARTKENNIS offers a wealth of information that can hardly be found elsewhere. Furthermore every issue contains a comprehensive listing of the changes in the Dutch Aircraft Register, a column about aviation related sites on the internet and book reviews. Also there are long-term series, for instance at present you can find descriptions of all accidents and incidents with Dutch civil aircraft and foreign aircraft in the Netherlands.
Next to the branch magazine LUCHTVAARTKENNIS members also receive the bi-monthly full-colour magazine Verenigde Vleugels (a collective publication of all major Dutch organisations in the field of Aviation History and historic aviation) and the KNVvL newsletter Airsport Mail.

Air Britain Netherlands Branch
Members of the Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL are also candidate-members of the Netherlands Branch of Air Britain, the (obviously larger) peer organisation of the Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL. Air Britain enjoys worldwide fame because of her publications (the magazines Air Britain News, Archive and Militaria, and large numbers of high-quality books). Members of the Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL have access (via the committee member) to Air-Britain's international network of aviation specialists, and it is possible to acquire Air Britain books with membership discounts.

The Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL publishes on regular base books with subjects from the (Dutch) aviation history. Recent publications are a compilation of all reports of the crash with the KLM Douglas DC-2 PH-AJU "Uiver" in 1934 (a few months after its heroic participation in the London-Melbourne race), a book about the Dutch aircraft manufacturer Spijker and a historical survey of all civil identification marks (registration pre-fixes) on aircraft.
The latest publication is a book about Pander, a Dutch aircraft manufacturer during the 1930's. Another large project is the digitalising of the collection negatives, which in the long run will be published on CD. All black and white pictures on this side are part of this unique collection.
Dutch Aircraft Recognation Contest (NKVH)
Aircraft Recognation as hobby is one of the roots from which the Aviation History Branch originates. The Aviation History Branch of the KNVvL orginazises every year the Dutch Aircraft Recognation Contest. This year the contest will be, as during last year, at the Military Aviation Museum at Soesterberg.